Back on the Block!

Hello, World!  Happy New Year – 2014!


 I have missed an entire year on this beautiful, budding space that’s mine, all mine. Where have I been, you ask? Well, I could acknowledge my rigorous school schedule at Harvard, my kids’ rigorous school schedule, my numerous health issues – 4 surgeries in 2 years, most recent was last month, (yay me) or maybe it was even my beauty products that, despite everything, is still in production. Yes, I could cite all of these issues as to why I’ve neglected my new venture, but I won’t. Instead, I will declare one social media space that I’ve allowed to suck up precious blogging time: Facebook. 

Now, now… I won’t exactly go throwing FB under the bus.  It has served me well in helping me to reconnect with family and friends that would ordinarily forget I was breathing, due to my inconsistency to keep in touch. That medium has allowed me to maintain relationships, share of my family, share in major life events that I would neglect to know about; even if to send a kind word to a sick loved one. For these reasons, as well as the amazing opportunities for businesses and personalities to network, it’s a wonderful virtual neighborhood to be in.

However comma – as my Dear Uncle Larry would say – It can suck. You. In!!! It’s so easy to get caught up in others’ minutiae, you can forget or lose sight of your own space.  I happened to check out another Blog – “A Belle in Brooklyn” – which is a great site by the way, from what I see, and wanted to follow it. So I try to log on. No go. Wait, this is a word press… I have a word press account. No go. What??? Do I not have a blog anymore?? All this time, I thought I could go back to blogging anytime I wanted to… (feverishly trying different angles to log on) Oh here it is… my blog. What am I, retarded?? This is my space. I love Bohemian Flux… how could I have neglected my most perfect forum, where I can address and share all the things I love dearly? Foolishness!

I don’t care to make resolutions. I think that for me, personally, the habit of resolutions are so fragile; so easily forgotten. (Like my blog. smh) I would rather put it on my ever-revolving to-do list: Spirit, Family, Home, Health, School, Business, Blog. It has to be prioritized for me to take it seriously. I will aspire to make this a weekly practice, but I won’t be hard on myself if I have to make it bi-weekly.  I will say, it feels SO good to write here again! 

What are your plans for the New Year? What do you want to do more of? What do you want to let go of? 

Salut! ❤


Meditation Persuasion….

Are your days longer than you’d like, and your patience, shorter? Are you having problems focusing on a task? Are you overwhelmed?  Am I beginning to sound like an infomercial?  If so, Meditation may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Consider the following information:

For  Spirit

Meditation is an ancient practice, said to date back at least 5,000 years or more. It is a widely-revered spiritual discipline  used as a way of evolving one’s spiritual self and connecting to the Divine. Although meditation is a derivative of yoga, the practice itself has transcended over time and is embraced by other cultures and religions, as the intention remains the same as the literal definition of yoga – the union of mind, body, and spirit with the Divine.

For Beauty and Health 

The physical benefits of meditation are extraordinary!  The ritual of deep breathing and stillness of mind brings you:

  • invigoration of bodily functions through the intake of oxygen through deep breathing
  • Improvement of focus, clarity, and creativity
  • the reduction of overall stress, which often affects personal appearance
  • a heightened sense of happiness and wellbeing

Meditation is also said to affect one’s physical appearance. Remember, joy and contentment radiate from the inside, out. It is logical to relate your inward happiness to outward attraction.

Your Sanctuary is also uplifted:

To truly submit yourself to meditation, it’s ideal to establish a air of calm and serenity. This means dedicating a room, corner or space to this discipline, adorned with candles, comfortable pillows or seating, and essential oils or incense such as sandalwood, a traditional aromatic widely used in to promote relaxation and spiritual connection.  And it makes your house smell heavenly! *no pun intended*

Meditation is a conduit of positive energy, meant to enlighten, enrich, and improve our quality of life through connecting to God and The Divine. This is just a quick introduction to what could prove to be an amazing lifestyle change!  No matter what your religion or personal beliefs may be, the benefits are transcendental.

For further reading on Meditation and the techniques involved, please visit Deepak Chopra’s instruction for beginners on


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