Transitioning into Fall


August – Hot, balmy days; humidity on high on the east coast, triple digits on the west coast. Summer has seemingly drained you of your fashion-wit, being too hot to wear anything beyond the shortest shorts, (within reason for some of us) skimpiest tank-top, and sandals of all heights, tall to small.  Yes, August bakes one to the core, but the good thing is, it’s the last hurrah-month before September slides right in, featuring back-to-school, milder days, and cooler, layer-worthy nights.

So how does one transition from hot, balmy to cool, breezy? Three simple elements will do the trick:

  1. The Blazer: This accessory will take you through three out of four seasons! You can dress up just about any casual look with a well-fitting blazer. (Emphasis on well-fitting) There are lots of fun colors to choose from to add a little “pop” to your look, and can take you from day to night, or vice-versa. Do it!
  2. Hosiery: Get your tights-game up, Ladies! Opaque, sheer, fishnet… whatever you come up with, adorn those legs! You can be playful or fierce with all the textures and colors to choose from… Just a suggestion: The shorter the skirt or dress, opaque’s the best.
  3. Scarves: They are your friend! They’re light-weight, with whimsical designs (my fav scarf is yellow with birds all over) that fold up itty-bitty into a cute clutch, or tie it onto your hand-bag’s strap in a careless sort of way. Come nightfall, and it’s a little breezier than expected, BAM! Out comes the jazzy scarf to drape casually around your neck – keeps you toasty with instant cool.

So there you have it… three easy acquisitions that will carry you easily from summer to fall.

Happy shopping, all!


Well hello there,

Welcome to my humble abode… It’s so nice of you to stop by! What is this blog with the peculiar name about, you ask?  It’s an information pit-stop for the average writer/fashionista/cook/homemaker/student/dreamer/doer, such as myself.  If you’ve been accused of being a jack/Jane-of-a-trades, with a multitude of interests, you’ve come to the right place! I will cover a spectrum of topics on the regular, to keep up with the voices in my head. Not really… the voices are much too quick to keep up with. 😉

Stop by as often as you like… Get the latest recipe, some style tips, a little encouraging word, or anything else from the delightful melange of this blog. And if you like it here, don’t forget to tell somebody!

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